Extensive Experience in Managing Complex Data Conversion


DCL is available to support your custom conversion needs, regardless of the level of complexity or volume, leveraging our proven expertise in the full project lifecycle, from project conception through detailed technical design and successful execution.

Maximizing our proven, proprietary methodology and decades of in-house experience, we convert every type of information—paper as well as all major word processing, typesetting, document formats—to virtually any target structured or unstructured format, including custom and highly specialized DTDs and schemas. Our familiarity with the complex technical documentation ensures that no project is beyond our capabilities. We shine where others fall short!

DCL’s capabilities include:

  • Specialized in converting complex technical documentation
  • Experienced in both structural and content-based DTDs and a wide variety of DTDs and schemas
  • Expertise with NLM, DITA, S1000D, OeB, and other specialized DTDs
  • Management of large-scale, multi-vendor conversions
  • Simultaneous conversion to multiple DTDs and schemas
  • Transforming SGML and XML to new enhanced schemas and DTDs
  • Extensive capabilities with foreign language conversion
  • Automated forms and records processing
  • Scalable to any volume from one document to millions

DCL provides a world-class mix of services and software to a broad range of industries such as publishing, aerospace and transportation, defense, government agencies, manufacturing, telecommunications, technology, professional societies and services, and institutions.

Uncompromised quality 100% of the time!

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