Proven Multi-Phased Data Conversion Process & Methodology


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Scalable to Fit All Project Types & Volume

DCL's reputation has been built on the uncompromised quality service we deliver to our clients. Our time-tested, multi-step project engineering and production methodologies are at the forefront of all customized conversion solutions provided by DCL.

DCL offers each client a conversion process tailored to the specifics of their documents and requirements, and follows a structured process by which it reviews customer materials, customizes software, and performs numerous tests to ensure the results are optimal. 

Project Engineering Methodology:

This phase is designed to determine and finalize the project requirements as well as prepare for ramp-up to volume conversion production. Samples of the steps involved are:

  • Deep-dive data analysis
  • Conversion specification
  • Hand-tagged sample
  • Software customization
  • Proof of production sample
  • Hot list creation
  • Production ramp-up

Production Methodology:

The production phase is structured according to the plan developed during project engineering therefore steps may be added or deleted based on the customization required. Samples of the steps that may be included are:

  • Document workflow configuration
  • Data capture
  • Proofreading
  • Pre-tagging
  • Automated conversion
  • Validation
  • Editorial review
  • Final quality assurance (QA)

Continual quality assurance processes guarantee your project is completed on-time, on budget while our 24/7 project tracking system keeps you aware of the progress!

Uncompromised quality 100% of the time!

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