Digitization Services for the Life Sciences

Life Sciences

Including SPL, ACA 6004, Medical Records Digitization (EMR), Research Manuscripts & Reference Publications

Data Conversion Laboratory is in the forefront of providing conversion services in all areas of the field of Life Sciences. From Structured Product Labeling (SPL) to standard response packages, research manuscripts, publications and reference materials to electronic medical records, DCL has worked with it all and pioneered a great deal of it.

We service the following industries:

  • Biotech
  • Medical equipment
  • Pharmaceutical
  • Veterinary medicine
  • Hospitals
  • Medical records

Since the FDA mandates that all package labeling for prescription pharmaceuticals be converted to XML, we have utilized the SPL DTD to convert thousands of labels for more than 150 companies. As this mandate expands to additional medical related products, DCL is well positioned, as we have a specific group dedicated solely to this work.

Standard Response Packages provide the means for companies to respond to letters and e-mails from consumers and health professionals regarding product usage. As this is a regulated industry, these responses must be carefully worded and reviewed. DCL's data harmonization software eliminates duplication and identifies near duplicates in archives of letters allowing experts to create a standardized response system for future letters.

Additional conversion services provided by DCL in the Life Sciences include:

  • Compliance and Regulatory: Structured Product labeling (SPL) and ACA6004
  • Electronic Medical Records (EMR): Involvement with an HL7 initiative for the automation of medical records of which the SPL initiative is one of the earlier regulatory efforts
  • Medical Literature: Documents and research manuscripts for publication and for online databases, for corporate use, for STM publishing, and for governmental agencies, including NIH
  • XML and PDF databases: Processing of documents, policy manuals, research documents, and more

DCL has been engaged in the business of document conversion for nearly three decades. We are a member of the SPL Working Group and have created most SPL Working Group data samples. In conjunction with this we also have completed successful pilot programs for most of the Fortune 100 pharmaceutical companies.

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