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We have created this DCL resource to enable you to access our recent press releases and articles and to find out more about DCL. Our news releases and articles are listed in chronological order. We appreciate your interest in DCL and hope this is a valuable resource for you. If you cannot find what you are looking for, or would like to discuss a particular issue, please contact: Ariane Doud, (978) 283-2674,


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2016 Press Releases

December 12, 2016
Data Conversion Laboratory Is Digitizing Over Two Million Pages for the Bureau of Economic Analysis
Data Conversion Laboratory (DCL), industry leader in converting content into digital formats, is currently providing digitization services to the Bureau of Economic Analysis (BEA) through the Library of Congress’ (LOC) Federal Library and Information Network (FEDLINK) program. Over two million pages of various types of internal documents that serve as valuable research materials for the agency’s staff are being digitized to make them more searchable and accessible.
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November 28, 2016
Data Conversion Laboratory and Bowker’s Digital Publishing Survey Shows Concerns Over Conversion Quality
Data Conversion Laboratory, Inc. (DCL) and Bowker have delivered the results of their 2016 Digital Publishing Survey, and the answers point to worries over quality and consistency when content goes from print to digital. The survey was jointly conducted by DCL, an industry leader in organizing and converting content into digital formats, and Bowker, the world’s leading provider of bibliographic information, connecting publishers, authors and booksellers with readers.
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October 11, 2016
Data Conversion Laboratory Certified as a Woman Owned Small Business (WOSB)
Data Conversion Laboratory, Inc. (DCL), for 35 years an industry leader in organizing, converting and enhancing content into digital formats, is proud to be officially certified as a Woman Owned Small Business (WOSB) by the National Women Business Owners Corporation (NWBOC), the first national certifier of Women Business Enterprises.
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April 11, 2016
Frank J. Macchiarola, Former St. Francis College President and New York City Schools Chancellor Remembered in New Digital Archive
Data Conversion Laboratory (DCL), leader and innovator in digital content conversion, has partnered with St. Francis College of Brooklyn Heights, NY, to preserve the remarkable career of the College’s former President and New York City Schools Chancellor Frank J. Macchiarola.
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April 4, 2016
Survey: Following the Trends — Is Your Content Ready?
Technical content developers have begun to dip their toes in the pool of dynamic publishing systems, for at least a small part of their content, but relatively few are utilizing the Cloud as a means to deliver and manage it.
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April 4, 2016
How, with DITA, Data Conversion Laboratory and Cybex International Teamed Up To Double Content Production, with Fewer people in Less Time
Faced with a small team, a growing product line and an increasing global market, Cybex International, a leading manufacturer of premium exercise equipment, was reaching a point of being operationally and cost challenged with the current documentation production process. Enter Data Conversion Laboratory (DCL), the premier content conversion experts, who swiftly streamlined Cybex’s documentation production process.
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February 29, 2016
DCL Continues Run of Growth by Winning Complex Projects & Partnerships In A Variety Of Business Sectors
Data Conversion Laboratory (DCL), an industry leader in organizing, converting and enhancing content into digital formats, successfully completed major projects for a notable mix of premier clients in 2015, adding to its year over year success rate.
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February 8, 2016
American Prison Data Systems and Data Conversion Laboratory Partner to Digitize Officer Training Content For Prisons
A major challenge facing the corrections industry is the management and delivery of correctional officer training content. Training materials have historically been available only in print form and consequently have prevented the adoption of modern educational technology and techniques in officer training.
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February 2, 2016
ESILAB Launches New Software to Automatically Detect Redactions in eDiscovery Documents
Today ESILAB, a part of the Data Conversion Laboratory, Inc. Group, announced the release of Production Analyzer, a ground-breaking software application that provides lawyers and litigation support professionals with the ability to quickly, accurately, and cost-effectively find each and every redaction in any image based eDiscovery production.
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