optical character recognition

  • Untethering Internal Information from Paper

    It’s safe to say most content developed today is created in a digital format. In the midst of this digital revolution, many agencies have left their non-electronic content behind, trapped in an unstructured or paper format. It’s not just the content citizens might want to access; it's frequently internal information that is stranded – training documents, research materials, manuals or archives, for instance.

  • Associations

    Content Digitization Solutions Customized For Your Unique Needs

    DCL brings you 35 years of conversion expertise and subject matter experts who understand the specific workflows and operations of Associations across the globe. Where accuracy, quality and speed matter, Associations rely on DCL to provide customized solutions to their most complex digital content production challenges.


  • OCR/Scanning

    Unlike many OCR vendors who key in the data and provide minimal clean-up, DCL’s process combines a detailed manual component with robust OCR software resulting in the highest accuracy rate available and fast turn-around time. Our process includes proofreading on the character level and the ability to produce multiple outputs simultaneously. This is particularly important when the source scans are of low quality. DCL can provide service at any level depending on the accuracy rate you require. 

  • Automated Processing

    DCL's Automated Conversion System (DCL-ACS) system is a fully automated solution for digitizing high volumes of paper and scanned documents and converting them into structured data. Hosted at DCL in a secure environment, DCL-ACS provides high-quality, continuous, 24/7 transformation of hundreds of thousands of pages per day without human intervention. 

  • Document Conversion

    DCL sets the industry standard in transforming content, meeting the needs of modern technologies today and in the future. Maximizing our proven, proprietary methodology and decades of in-house experience, we convert every type of information—paper as well as all major word processing, typesetting, and document formats—to virtually any target structured or unstructured format including custom and highly specialized DTDs and schemas. Our familiarity with the complex technical documentation ensures that no project is beyond our capabilities. We shine where others fall short!

  • Publishing

    Data Conversion Laboratory (DCL) offers back-file and ongoing digitization services for a diverse array of clients across the publishing spectrum, including: Education: Textbooks, workbooks, and study guides for K–12 and secondary education Legal: Books, series, journals, legislative documents, court papers, and other documents Periodicals: Magazines, newspapers, quarterlies, and product catalogs

  • Professional Services

    DCL has been providing a variety of organizations and professionals with reliable, cost effective document management solutions and library digitization since 1981. Our digital publishing experience includes central databases, client and public records, forensics, depositions, funds, and compliance.

  • Institutions

    The collection and document conversion choices faced by today's institutions are numerous, varied, and complex. DCL addresses these challenges relying on more than three decades of experience. We are attuned to the special requirements central to sensitive and confidential conversions and adapt our capabilities to fit each project's requirements.

  • Industries

    DCL provides a world-class mix of services and software to a broad range of industries including:

    • Education — Textbooks, workbooks and study guides for K-12, and secondary education
    • Periodicals — Magazines, newspapers, quarterlies, and product catalogs
    • Publishers and Authors — Manuscripts, novels, children's books, trade books, and any other document to eBook formats such as EPUB, EPUB3, MOBI and Fixed Layout


  • Inside the Data Maze

    Once upon a time before the words “big data” became a popular buzz phrase, a small but growing firm identified a quickly emerging business opportunity. Join us when Mark GrossCEO of Data Conversion Laboratory, explains how DCL entered the ranks of the middle-market businesses by pursuing a no-holds-barred data conversion vision.


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