• How to Relieve the Pressure of Accelerating Content Demand

    Publishers in all industries, especially those delivering scientific, technology, and medical information and products, feel the pressure from customers to make content available anytime, anywhere, on any device. Publishers need to manage that pressure with a content strategy to develop materials from scratch, but should also focus on a significant alternative: extracting extraordinary value from legacy content that exists in a variety of formats and locations.

  • Content Digitization: 0 to 50 Courses in 16 Months

    With the speed at which new products develop and change today, and their increasing complexity, getting training and learning materials together quickly is more critical than ever. The sheer volume of information alone makes going green and mobile a necessity. In the case of one Fortune 100 technology company, global content management processes need to accommodate hundreds of new product introductions each year, with each requiring at least six months to create the required customer-friendly training materials and documentation.

  • Reinvent Content to Expand Revenue Opportunities in a Digitized Landscape

    While the trend in recent years has been to focus on the cloud, a majority of companies still maintain their own data centers or a combination of their own supplanted with a portion of cloud space/storage. Years’ worth of content resides in these data centers, as well as older content that continues in printed forms only. The increasing ease of finding and sharing digital content creates more opportunities than ever to grow and expand business—by digitizing assets that might have previously been published, stored, and forgotten.

  • Extracting Funder and Grant Metadata from Journal Articles: Using Language Analysis to Automatically Extract Metadata

    In this webinar, we discuss recent work done to extract funding source and grant information from within STM journal articles and on implications for other kinds of metadata gathering.

  • XML & HTML Conversion

    DCL prepares digital content for electronic publishing, data distribution, and the Web; converting all types of information from all major word processing, typesetting, and document formats, as well as paper, into all structured formats, including XML, S1000D, SGML, proprietary schemas, and others.

  • OCR/Scanning

    Unlike many OCR vendors who key in the data and provide minimal clean-up, DCL’s process combines a detailed manual component with robust OCR software resulting in the highest accuracy rate available and fast turn-around time. Our process includes proofreading on the character level and the ability to produce multiple outputs simultaneously. This is particularly important when the source scans are of low quality. DCL can provide service at any level depending on the accuracy rate you require. 

  • Catalog Digitization

    DCL is the market leader in providing digitization services for loading catalog and parts data into web portals, database and ecommerce platforms, configurators, master data management (MDM), enterprise resource planning (ERP) and other back-end systems. Database solutions are particularly important for industry and manufacturers of all types who need to manage and monetize large product inventories including specific attribute information while supporting channel partners and various other external sales outlets.

  • Automated Processing

    DCL's Automated Conversion System (DCL-ACS) system is a fully automated solution for digitizing high volumes of paper and scanned documents and converting them into structured data. Hosted at DCL in a secure environment, DCL-ACS provides high-quality, continuous, 24/7 transformation of hundreds of thousands of pages per day without human intervention. 

  • Document Conversion

    DCL sets the industry standard in transforming content, meeting the needs of modern technologies today and in the future. Maximizing our proven, proprietary methodology and decades of in-house experience, we convert every type of information—paper as well as all major word processing, typesetting, and document formats—to virtually any target structured or unstructured format including custom and highly specialized DTDs and schemas. Our familiarity with the complex technical documentation ensures that no project is beyond our capabilities. We shine where others fall short!

  • Conversion Management

    Companies today are challenged with limited resources while still being required to meet critical deadlines and maximize overall ROI. Converting legacy data is an arduous task under the best circumstances, let alone without the benefit of experienced management to guide you through the process. DCL's professional conversion management team assigned according to industry vertical and DTD based on their individual expertise will support you at any point in the process for the best and most accurate results possible.


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