• Your Training Program Doesn’t Have to Be Locked in a Paper Prison

    I asked a colleague’s daughter who was interning with us last summer what she thought of when I said the words, “training materials.” Her answer didn’t surprise me. In conjuring up her vision of training materials, she used words and phrases such as “thick binders,” “stacks of paper,” and “boring.” You know what? She’s not wrong. Believe me, even in this age of free-flowing, easily accessible information from just about anywhere that is consumed on innumerable devices and platforms, important documents, curricula, and materials are still stuck in paper.

  • Industry Outlook: The Role of Digitization and Flexible Content Formats

    Industry Outlook talks with Mark Gross, President of DCL, about the importance of digitization and choosing a flexible format for storing content.

  • Government

  • Frank J. Macchiarola, Former St. Francis College President and NYC Schools Chancellor Remembered in New Digital Archive

    Data Conversion Laboratory (DCL), leader and innovator in digital content conversion, has partnered with St. Francis College of Brooklyn Heights, NY, to preserve the remarkable career of the College’s former President and New York City Schools Chancellor Frank J. Macchiarola.

  • Paper Learning In Prisons? Not Good

    In the prison industry, it’s crucial for well-trained employees to maintain order and execute their duties effectively. If they don’t, consequences can be severe.

  • Technology

    The ongoing innovations in technology have created many new opportunities for companies of all types but in particular for those in this highly aggressive industry. The ongoing influx of new products and services present continued data management challenges for technology manufacturers. Manufacturers need to quickly provide updated manuals and guides—each created in multiple formats—for print, online, and a myriad of mobile devices.

  • Professional Services

    DCL has been providing a variety of organizations and professionals with reliable, cost effective document management solutions and library digitization since 1981. Our digital publishing experience includes central databases, client and public records, forensics, depositions, funds, and compliance.

  • Life Sciences

    Data Conversion Laboratory is in the forefront of providing conversion services in all areas of the field of Life Sciences. From Structured Product Labeling (SPL) to standard response packages, research manuscripts, publications and reference materials to electronic medical records, DCL has worked with it all and pioneered a great deal of it.

  • Institutions

    The collection and document conversion choices faced by today's institutions are numerous, varied, and complex. DCL addresses these challenges relying on more than three decades of experience. We are attuned to the special requirements central to sensitive and confidential conversions and adapt our capabilities to fit each project's requirements.

  • Industry

    Content digitization helps manufacturing and industrial firms reduce costs, improve efficiencies and succeed on the global stage.


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