• The Many-Headed Hydra of Branch Filtering: Rendering reused DITA topics to HTML with different filtering

    Attend this webinar as we outline the new possibilities and suggest possible responses for the Branch Filtering feature in DITA 1.3.

  • The Survey Says – Without XML You’re Leaving Money on the Table

    Data Conversion Laboratory (DCL), and the Center for Informational Development (CIDM) asked publishers how they are developing and publishing their content in our 4th annual survey, “Following the Trends.” With close to 350 participants ranging from writers to content strategists, information architects, and publishers, the breadth of knowledge and insight was prodigious.

  • The Digital Publishing Revolution Is Only Speeding Up

    In the past two years, growth in e-book sales has slowed and in some cases declined. Publishers have hailed the shift as a break in the digital revolution, and some have gone so far as to say the digital revolution is behind us. A recent study conducted by CIDM, the Center for Information-Development Management, suggests the digital revolution in publishing is far from over. On several fronts, the survey indicates, the impact of digital formats is just starting to take hold.

  • Survey: Following the Trends — Is Your Content Ready?

    Technical content developers have begun to dip their toes in the pool of dynamic publishing systems, for at least a small part of their content.

  • XML & HTML Conversion

    DCL prepares digital content for electronic publishing, data distribution, and the Web; converting all types of information from all major word processing, typesetting, and document formats, as well as paper, into all structured formats, including XML, S1000D, SGML, proprietary schemas, and others.

  • DCL On Demand

    DCL provides a suite of services to meet the needs of our clients who have low volume and low complexity conversion projects requiring no special handling or consulting. Backed by DCL's 35+ years of excellence providing conversion and related services, DCL On Demand will provide easy access to the same time-tested conversion process, rapid service and 99.99% accuracy level guarantee. Results are guaranteed!

  • Editorial Services

    Traditional editorial procedures such as copyediting, proof-reading and indexing are rigorously applied to digital formats, pre- and post- conversion, to review every character, correct any structural and formatting errors, and style documents as needed. DCL is experienced with a variety of online publishing packages, DTDs and online industry publishing standards. We work closely with our clients to meet every requirement. Our editorial solutions are available as bundled packages or a-la-carte.

  • How MIT Press Built a Foundation for Scalable Digital Products

    MIT Press worked with DCL to convert complex charts, equations, and images into reflowable elements that could be easily read and enlarged on smaller mobile screens.

  • Recognizing and Overcoming Limitations with Automated Conversions to eBook Formats

    You’ve probably encountered a less-than-desirable content experience on a mobile device, like not being able to “pinch” the screen to zoom in and out, or rotating a device and not getting the content to follow suit. You were left with a less than positive impression of that content (and its author), because you couldn’t consume it your way. Time to think about what you can do to avoid giving your readers a less than optimal impression of your work.

  • Preparing Your Books for the Digital Marketplace

    Chances are that you understand the process for getting the book to readers to enjoy in a print version, but then you’re met with questions such as, “When will this be in an eBook?”


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