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  • DCL and Bowker Publish 2016 Digital Publishing Survey

    Data Conversion Laboratory, Inc. (DCL), which converts content into digital formats, and Bowker, the official U.S. provider of ISBNs, released the results of their 2016 Digital Publishing Survey. One of the primary takeaways is the worry over quality and consistency when content moves from print to digital.

  • Data Conversion Laboratory and Bowker’s Digital Publishing Survey Shows Concerns Over Conversion Quality

    Fresh Meadows, NY, November 28, 2016Data Conversion Laboratory, Inc. (DCL) and Bowker have delivered the results of their 2016 Digital Publishing Survey, and the answers point to worries over quality and consistency when content goes from print to digital. The survey was jointly conducted by DCL, an industry leader in organizing and converting content into digital formats, and Bowker, the world’s leading provider of bibliographic information, connecting publishers, authors and booksellers with readers.

  • Content Digitization: 0 to 50 Courses in 16 Months

    With the speed at which new products develop and change today, and their increasing complexity, getting training and learning materials together quickly is more critical than ever. The sheer volume of information alone makes going green and mobile a necessity. In the case of one Fortune 100 technology company, global content management processes need to accommodate hundreds of new product introductions each year, with each requiring at least six months to create the required customer-friendly training materials and documentation.

  • PubMed/NLM

    DCL specializes in the conversion of documents to the PubMed Central Journal Article Tag Suite (JATS) specification for institutional repositories, commercial publishers and association publishers. The JATS specification includes NML XML for journals and manuscripts as well as Bookshelf XML for books. DCL provides conversion of back-files on ongoing projects.

  • Editorial Services

    Traditional editorial procedures such as copyediting, proof-reading and indexing are rigorously applied to digital formats, pre- and post- conversion, to review every character, correct any structural and formatting errors, and style documents as needed. DCL is experienced with a variety of online publishing packages, DTDs and online industry publishing standards. We work closely with our clients to meet every requirement. Our editorial solutions are available as bundled packages or a-la-carte.

  • Conversion Management

    Companies today are challenged with limited resources while still being required to meet critical deadlines and maximize overall ROI. Converting legacy data is an arduous task under the best circumstances, let alone without the benefit of experienced management to guide you through the process. DCL's professional conversion management team assigned according to industry vertical and DTD based on their individual expertise will support you at any point in the process for the best and most accurate results possible.

  • Managing the Quality Control Requirements of DoD Standards: Deep Dive Analysis and Continuous QC Pay Off

    Legacy content throughout the US Department of Defense (DoD) exists in a variety of formats and structures. And the older the content, the less likely it is to conform to required standards such as S1000D or the Army's MIL-STD-40051. Quality Control (QC) becomes critical, but under the pressure of high volumes and rigorous standards, DoD agencies and offices can find themselves overwhelmed by the prospect of manual review of thousands of pages of content multiple times during a complex conversion process.

  • Professional Data and Document Management Is Not an Impossible Dream

    When faced with thousands, sometimes millions, of pages of data to support manufacturing processes and operations, compliance requirements, and the needs of a complex supply chain, getting that information to the right places efficiently and accurately is difficult.

    Digitizing and efficiently managing large volumes of organizational content is typically thought to be the province of large multi-nationals with massive budgets and armies of support staff, but it doesn’t have to be this way.

  • DCL Webinar Spotlight: Monetizing and Marketing Digital Textbooks by Mercy Pilkington

    As platforms for digital content evolve, so too does the content available on those platforms. Books and magazines need to be converted to digital formats for delivery to electronic reading devices and platforms. The same goes for digital textbooks.

  • The Future of eBooks? Get the Basics Right.

    Today’s Books Blog on managed to unintentionally summarize our viewpoint on digital conversion in one succi


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