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  • Document Conversion

    DCL sets the industry standard in transforming content, meeting the needs of modern technologies today and in the future. Maximizing our proven, proprietary methodology and decades of in-house experience, we convert every type of information—paper as well as all major word processing, typesetting, and document formats—to virtually any target structured or unstructured format including custom and highly specialized DTDs and schemas. Our familiarity with the complex technical documentation ensures that no project is beyond our capabilities. We shine where others fall short!

  • Life Sciences

    Data Conversion Laboratory is in the forefront of providing conversion services in all areas of the field of Life Sciences. From Structured Product Labeling (SPL) to standard response packages, research manuscripts, publications and reference materials to electronic medical records, DCL has worked with it all and pioneered a great deal of it.

  • About Us

    Since its founding in 1981, Data Conversion Laboratory (DCL) has remained faithful to its guarantee to construct unparalleled electronic document conversion services based on a rich legacy of superior customization and exceptional quality. DCL is a leading US-based organization that currently operates one of the most advanced facilities of its kind, with extensive capabilities to capture data from text from virtually any computer medium and format, as well as from paper and microfilm, and reformat it to fit a client's emergent needs. DCL provides a world-class mix of services, software, and conversion outsourcing to a broad range of industries such as publishing, aerospace and transportation, defense, government agencies, manufacturing, telecommunications, technology, professional societies and services, and institutions.

  • Second Annual Survey on Content Challenges in Life Sciences and Healthcare Demonstrates Value in Strategy

    DCL and Ann Rockley, CEO of The Rockley Group, recently shared the results of the second annual survey on Content Challenges in the Life Sciences and Healthcare Industry in a cohosted webinar. Rockley, known as the Mother of Content Strategy, began the webinar with an introduction to this year’s results and the promise of a comparison to the previous year’s findings.

  • Prastera: A Drug Listing Submission Case Study

    For healthcare providers and their patients, time to approval and to market is everything, and every day saved has value — both to companies marketing these new drugs, and to the patients desperately waiting for them. One of the last hurdles in making new drug therapies available is ensuring that an accurate listing, compliant with Center for Drug Evaluation and Research (CDER) requirements, is published.

  • DCL Cures Lupus Pharma Firm's FDA Red Tape Ills

    In its quest to improve the lives of patients with lupus, Health Science Funding LLC developed a groundbreaking new treatment drug -- but bringing Prastera to market proved more challenging.

    Clinical trials demonstrated the 11-employee firm's medication significantly eased painful lupus flares, had no side effects, and halved the risk of breast cancer in patients. The medication takes a new approach to managing systemic lupus erythematosus (SLE), according to Health Science Funding, which needed to bring its treatment to the Federal Drug Administration's mandatory structured product labeling (SPL) in order to quickly get Prastera to doctors and patients.

  • Delivering a New Lupus Drug to Market

    Bringing new drugs to market takes more than just testing. Among the hurdles is filing the drug’s product information properly with the Food and Drug Administration (FDA).

  • Strategy: Navigating the Affordable Care Act: Drug Sample Compliance

    There is a compliance deadline looming this spring for pharmaceutical companies, on reporting drug sample distribution to the FDA. While some may take a head in the sand approach, the smart companies will get out ahead of this issue and have the tools in place to report their sample distribution, saving them from potentially costly fines.

  • Data Conversion Laboratory Helping Life Sciences Content Producers Understand the Impact and Benefits of Structured Product Labeling

    As medical device manufacturers join pharmaceutical companies in using the SPL (Structured Product Labeling) markup language standard, content teams have a greater role to play and need the understanding and skills to work with the standard. Starting January, 2015, Data Conversion Laboratory (DCL) will present a series of three webinars on the benefits and the critical aspects of implementing SPL.

  • Articles

    DCL is committed to providing the latest information on Data Conversion and Content Strategy. This section of our website provides articles of interest authored by DCL and our partners.


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