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Forbes – Four Outsourcing Challenges

Four Outsourcing Challenges (And How To Solve Them)

In 2017, many companies decide to outsource different aspects of their companies. Outsourcing offshore can yield substantial savings. However, there are many risks involved. Because I own a boutique outsourcing agency, I understand current trends... Read More
Pharmaceutical Processing - New FDA Drug Listing Requirements

The Business Implications of the New FDA Drug Listing Requirements

Let’s start with a little background: In August of 2016, the FDA published the Final Rule for drug listings in the Federal Register. That rule became effective in 2017. In broad terms, the requirements of the Final Rule are not much different from... Read More
Data Center Journal, Insider Security

Insider Security: Mission Impossible?

"Your mission, Jim, should you decide to accept it, is…. As usual, should you or any member of your I.M. Force be captured or killed, the secretary will disavow any knowledge of your existence. This tape will self-destruct in five seconds. Good luck... Read More
MBT, Data Conversion a Key Driver

Data Conversion A Key Driver For Better Operations

The simplest way to explain data and content conversion is that you take an unstructured format like paper and transform it into a structured (or digital) format, like XML for instance. Sounds simple, but it is true. That said, the objective of... Read More
Book Business - STM Publishers Beware

STM Publishers Beware: The Hunt Is on for Plagiarized Images

Plagiarism in the scientific community is not new, but has become a recurring theme in the past few years due to a few scandals both in STM journals and in publications that are more general. Why now? I can offer a few explanations. For one, there... Read More
GCN, Section 508 rule

How does the refreshed Section 508 rule affect your agency?

A part of The Americans with Disabilities Act and the Rehabilitation Act of 1973, Section 508 requires that government agencies provide individuals with disabilities equal access to their programs, services and activities. Specifically, Section 508... Read More
Aerospace Manufacturing and Design, Automated Auditing

Automated Auditing of S1000D Aircraft Manuals

If your company stands as a significant defense contractor, you’re accountable not just to individuals, but to entire countries that depend on your technology and innovation to keep them safe. It’s a tall order that one manufacturer has succeeded in... Read More
Agility PR Solutions, Digital Content Strategy

Having a Digital Content Strategy Will Make You Famous

That headline is in jest, but there is some truth to it. We have all heard the saying, “There is no such thing as bad publicity.” That might be true. But there is such a thing as a bad digital content strategy. The worst example of a bad digital... Read More
Industry Today, Marketing Asset Metadata

Case Study: Enhancing Marketing Asset Metadata

Some of you might remember when the nightly news used to intro or outro their segments with an important audio reminder: “It’s 11 o’clock, do you know where your children are?” The intent was to make you stop, think, and come to the quick conclusion... Read More
Industry Today, Semi-Automated

Semi-Automated Conversion Projects: Best Practices

Many users have years or even decades of legacy materials they would like to bring into the 21st century. This could be thousands and thousands of pages of hard copy, PDF, SGML, or even XML that they need to be up to date in order to add it to their... Read More