DCL/DCL Sponsors NEPCo Awards

DCL Sponsors NEPCo Awards

On November 7, publishing professionals gathered at the Rockwell Theater in Somerville, Mass. for the New England Publishing Collaboration (NEPCo for short) awards, which are presented each year by the Bookbuilders of Boston.

DCL served as an event sponsor, and Greg Fagan, DCL’s sales director for the publishing industry, attended the awards and the dinner that followed.

Nine innovative projects were nominated for awards, all of which were collaborations of two or more well-known organizations. The nominees were as follows:

  • Macmillan Learning/Benetech
  • CAST and 14 nonprofit partners
  • Learn Launch
  • Candlewick/Girl Scouts
  • Charlesbridge/Eric Carle Museum of Picture Book Art
  • LSC Communications/FAA
  • J Bone and Joint Surgery/NEJM/Area 9 Learning
  • MIT Press/Yewno
  • Wattpadd/Hachette Book Group

Although the MIT/Yewno collaboration (the Unearth knowledge inference tool) took first place in the audience vote, the four-judge panel voted differently. After a short presentation from each nominee, first place went to CAST and 14 nonprofit publishers for Understood.org, a digital resource for parents of children with learning and attention issues. Candlewick Press and the Girl Scouts of Eastern Massachusetts took second place with their effort to develop book-centric spring and summer camps. Finally, third place was awarded to Journal of Bone and Joint Surgery/New England Journal of Medicine/Area 9 Learning, who jointly developed a multi-format question bank to address certification maintenance for orthopedists.

The award ceremony was followed by dinner and lively conversation. DCL was proud to be part of this prestigious event.

Greg Fagan

Greg Fagan is Sales Director for the publishing and financial industries at Data Conversion Laboratory. Greg has over 25 years of experience in the publishing industry and has held key positions in production, editorial, and product development at major publishers and vendors such as Wiley, McGraw-Hill, Elsevier, Silverchair, and Alexander Street Press. .