DCL/Section 508 & Web Content Accessibility - Why you should do it (even if you don’t have to)

Stephani Clark | Customer Success Manager, easyDITA
Mark Gross | President, Data Conversion Laboratory (DCL)
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What is Section 508? In short, it requires that all federal agency websites be accessible to those with disabilities. Just as brick and mortar businesses want their shops to be physically accessible to all, your web content should have the assets that enable all visitors to navigate freely. The benefits of 508-compliant website affect not only those with disabilities, but the user experience of all visitors. Accessible web content can lead to:

  • An expanded customer base
  • Reductions in expenses
  • Innovations through inclusion
  • Limited legal exposure
  • A competitive edge

Join Mark Gross, President, DCL, and Stephani Clark, Customer Success Manager, easyDITA, in this webinar that will discuss how making your content more accessible can benefit your organization.


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about the presenter(s)

Stephani Clark,
Customer Success Manager, easyDITA

Stephani Clark is a Customer Success Manager for easyDITA, a DITA Component Content Management System based in Rochester. She works to train and assist users of easyDITA’s software. Stephani also works on easyDITA’s information development team and spends about half her time creating technical documentation for the software.

Before she worked for easyDITA, Stephani spent over ten years working for her family’s energy efficiency company. During that time, she worked in sales management, operations, and project management. Stephani also developed the company’s training program and served as their National Training Administrator, which brought her to Rochester in 2010 when the company opened an office there.

When Stephani isn’t working, she’s usually spending time with her family. Stephani lives in Rochester with her husband, Ryan, her one-year old son, Jack, and her dog, Carlos. Her favorite activity is spending time with her son, but she also enjoys cooking, reading, traveling, and organizing anything and everything.

Mark Gross,
President, Data Conversion Laboratory (DCL)

Mark Gross, President, Data Conversion Laboratory, is a recognized authority on XML implementation and document conversion. Mark also serves as Project Executive, with overall responsibility for resource management and planning. Prior to joining DCL in 1981, Mark was with the consulting practice of Arthur Young & Co. Mark has a BS in Engineering from Columbia University and an MBA from New York University. He has also taught at the New York University Graduate School of Business, the New School, and Pace University. He is a frequent speaker on the topic of automated conversions to XML and SGML.